Flat Rate Annuals

  • Shop Rate Piston Acft $90/hr

Helo $100/hr; TP& Jet $120/hr

  • Light Sport - (15.3 hrs) $1377

  • Single - Fixed (15.3 hrs) $1377

  • Single - HP (18.3 hrs) $1647

  • Single - Cmplex (21.3 hrs) $1917

  • Twin - (29.4 hrs) $2646

  • Pressurized (+8 hrs). $720


  • Let us help you buy you next plane or sell your current plane.

Maintenance & Inspections

  • With extensive aviation experience and licensing, our team is qualified to ensure that your aircraft is safe and reliable. We use Quantum Maintenance MRO software to give customers the clearest picture of their maintenance tracking and repair options.


  • Let us take the worry off you so you'll know your plane's numerous database updates, calendar inspections, timed parts inspections, and FAA paperwork are ready for flight or inspection at any time.


  • We have preferred vendor pricing on parts which helps us keep a low shop rate. 30% shop rate surcharge for parts brought in (historically customers bring in the wrong part anyway and costing more money to make right and longer aircraft down time).


  • Let us help prevent you from making an expensive purchase and ending upside down in aircraft ownership.