Prop Balancing

Prop Balancing

Single Prop $350

Twin Prop $700

Data shows that nearly four out of five general aviation aircraft are suffering from out-of-balance props.

Why should you care, as long as the plane still flies? Well, prop imbalance produces vibration. This vibration can damage the engine, instruments, airframe, and cause pilot and passenger discomfort.

A propeller is considered "out-of-balance" when the measurable vibration exceeds .15 IPS.

Perfect (zero IPS)

Good (.07 IPS)

Maximum acceptable (.15 IPS)

Fair (.25 IPS)

Rough (.50 IPS)

Very rough (1.00 IPS)

Extreme (1.25 IPS)

It’s usually at about .10 IPS that pilots and passengers can feel vibrations.

Allowing vibration to persist can drive up your maintenance costs, compromise flight safety and make your plane less comfortable to fly.