Services & Pricing

Flat Rate Annuals

Shop Rate Piston Acft $90/hr

Rotor $100/hr; TP& Jet $120/hr

Light Sport - (14 hrs) $1260

Single - Fixed (15.3 hrs) $1377

Single - HP (18.3 hrs) $1647

Single - Cmplex (21.3 hrs) $1917

Twin - (29.4 hrs) $2646

Pressurized (+8 hrs) $720


Let our experts represent you and your requirements while keeping you on budget during your next aircraft acquisition or sale.

Maintenance & Inspections

Our highly qualified team of professional Airframe and Power plant experts will ensure your aircraft is safe and reliable.

PAS guarantees you completely transparent maintenance tracking and repair options through Quantum Maintenance MRO software.

Upon request, we provide ferrying service for our fly-in customers.


Let our experts handle the tedious detail while you handle the piloting.

Our expert team will ensure your aircraft is always ready for flight or inspection.

We will manage the digital database updates, calendar inspections, timed parts inspections, and the FAA paperwork.


We have "preferred vendor pricing" on most parts which helps us keep our shop rates low.

If you "bring your own parts" expect a 30% shop rate surcharge.


Let our experts help you avoid expensive pitfalls and ending upside down during your next aircraft acquisition.

Our team of experts is worthy of your trust and confidence.